the Crazy Rational.
the Crazy Rational.


Ras Asan olugbenga

The Crazy-Rational.

It Was Written, in The 'Land (CLEVELAND) far far away, A King would come to usher in the 90's and the Age of Aquarius. A Social-Theorist trained at the Howard Thurman Mystery School (also known as Morehouse College), Ras is not afraid to be So Far Gone. He expects it to be him Against The World. Without a Reasonable Doubt, Ras is ill-Matic. Even in Darkness, he finds his MasterMind and gets to the MailBox Money.

God is Real; Ras' job is just to Show & Prove.


Photo courtesy of Lendel Marshall


Moves Made...

Breaking Racial Barriers in Tech

Teaching Black Youth How To Build Wealth

Investment Collective of Millennial Black Men